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Our training classes are scheduled on request. 

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Promotion:  The Next Level of Data Visualization with Power BI 

Power BI provides you with an interactive reporting platform where you can connect and transform data from various sources. You lon longer need to reply on technical people to help you create your datasets.     

Power Bi also provides you with numerous reporting features so you can produce impactful visuals with ease.  

This course starts by looking at some of the fundamentals of Power BI, getting to grips with Data, Model, and Report views. You’ll learn to load datasets, build a data model, and discover how to shape and transform your data with Power Query Editor. As you progress through the course, we’ll have hands-on exercises that can hone your skills. You’ll look at various visualizations, sort different data types, and learn to drill deeper into your reports.

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Promotion: Be a Formula Expert (Level 1, 2, & 3) with Microsoft Excel

Learning how to make use of calculation techniques is the key to become an expert in using Microsoft Excel. While people mostly focus on learning the hundreds of built-in Excel formulas, they miss out the importance of the basics.

Our course begins with the importance of cell references, the use of boolean values, and array formulas. The 3 courses will introduce and apply useful built-in formulas and calculation techniques through numerous practical business examples.

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