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An Unexpected Career Choice: Training Consultant

Mastersoft’s Training Consultants follow an interesting, fulfilling career path. Our people are attracted to the knowledge they can gain, the variety of work, and new experiences every day through developing and conducting training classes for our domestic and international corporations across Asia-Pacific.

IT background isn’t a prerequisite for success at Mastersoft. We look for exceptional ability and a track record of accomplishment. We’re most interested in innate qualities problem-solving, personal impact, and achieving—that make a lasting difference.

If you are interested in joining Mastersoft’s Consultant Team, we would like to hear from you.

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Share Your Education Passion: Be a Youth’s Instructor

Youth Town@Mastersoft could be the ideal match for your skills, interests and goals. Youth Town seeks qualified individuals who exemplify the Youth Town’s standards and are inspired by its mission.

Mastersoft values applicants, who can demonstrate their enthusiasm and passion in education, promote related subjects among teenages to arouse their interests, and contribute to the development of the Youth Town curriculum.

If you process the above qualifications in specific disciplines; and relevant teaching experience as instructors/tutors, please share your passion by sending us your resume.