Corporate Training Services

Mastersoft started out as a pure IT training institution, so you could expect our expertise in knowledge transfer.

Desktop application training

Regular courses
We are the pioneer in developing task-oriented courses for those popular desktop applcaitons. So no more rather meaningless old-fashioned syllaus like Introduction, Intermediate or Advanced.

People tends to use their applications in a specific way due to their job nature. Improving their skills in the area(s) which helps them increase work efficiency is our ultimate goal. Time is a precious and limited resource to everyone. Thus if delivering effective and powerful training in the shortest possible time is what you are looking for, you have yourself a wise choice with Mastersoft.

Customized courses
No single course syllabus will fit everyone's needs, Mastersoft do tailor-made courses for individual. We would investigate the actual needs for your users by our expertise, questionaire, and experience in a wide range of industries. Course design is free. It is part of our proud service to maintain our leading reputation in this field.

We will maximize your investment with Mastersoft in strengthening your work force. Contact us for more details.

Soft skill training

At Mastersoft, we do not confine ourselves to just information technology. We also offer repertoire of interactive workshops blending various management philosophies with the latest technologies.

All workshops are conducted by renowned experts in the trade concerned, sharing with participants their valuable knowledge and experience.

All these courses will not be listed out in our regular training schedule as all of these trainings are tailor-made for your group of participants.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any soft skill training you are interested in.